IBM Watson Classroom

Watson Classroom is comprised complimentary desktop and mobile applications that help teachers deliver personalized learning to improve student outcomes through data and insights. We developed this product as a direct response to teacher needs in order to address gaps in their experience.

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We begin this effort with the broad mission to enhance teacher experiences and improve student outcomes, so I had to help narrow our focus to find the areas we could improve with our capabilities. I conducted extensive workshops with K-12 teachers to outline their pain points and identify areas of opportunity. Since this was a new endeavor for the team, we also used workshopping as a chance to familiarize ourselves more broadly with the education industry and our relevant stakeholders.

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This project required balancing the needs of school administration (the buyer) with the needs of teachers (the users). Everyone had their own goals so we had to balance direction from administration with the feedback we received from the teachers. I accomplished this by communicating closely with all our stakeholders and then helping the design team prioritize features that span everyone’s needs.

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Once we had a thorough understanding of our users, I worked with the design team to create a narrative journey to outline the teacher’s current experience. We also created the desired experience we hoped to bring with our product. These narratives helped to keep us grounded and focused on the outcomes we needed to provide.

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We identified several areas of opportunity as part of the exploration process. We were able to then pair these needs with our capabilities to determine the best way impact educators. This helped us make decisions that were based on user needs, rather than driven by technology.

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I collected feedback throughout design and development to ensure we built an experience that was both valuable to administrators and meaningful for teachers. We partnered with clients to find teachers who could provide iterative input through regular interviews. I met with them in person and online to gather feedback on their experience the product and new ideas we had in development. I also partnered with the product delivery team to make connections within client districts to feed our participant pool.