Rosetta Stone Manager

Product Description

Rosetta Stone Manager is an administrator tool that allows organizations to manage learner accounts. It encompasses a robust range of administrative tools, including account creation, license management, and learner reports. The product is used by internal client managers and external clients.


Computer        Silverback        InVision            Webcam        WebEx


Baseline Testing - Individual Interviews (Lab and Remote)                                                                                                                                               I met with users to understand their needs and hear about their experiences in the existing product. This happened through in-house and remote individual interviews with internal client managers and outside clients. I observed use of the existing product in the lab and conducted remote interviews through WebEx.                                                                                        

Prototype - Individual Interviews (Lab and Remote)                                                                                                                                                         I evaluated a prototype of the new version with internal client managers and outside clients. This was an iterative process that we used to refine the design so we could feel confident about moving the product into production. The prototype was created in InVision by the design team and I tested it both in the lab and remotely through WebEx.

Product Usability - Individual Interviews (Lab and Remote)                                                                                                                                              I worked with the production team to evaluate the product throughout the development process. I integrated testing into the release schedule to ensure that features performed as expected and to address usability issues ahead of launch.


  • Baseline testing helped the UX team create personas and write stories to understand the users and their needs. This informed the requirements and features included in the product.

  • Prototype testing validated the concept and provided areas of improvement. Multiple rounds refined the design into a polished form that was ready for production.

  • Product testing helped identify minor usability adjustments that needed to be made ahead of launch.