Rosetta Stone Kids

Product Description

Rosetta Stone has developed several products for children aimed at improving literacy skills, while also teaching introductory Spanish words. They were designed for short interactions on mobile devices.


Computer        iPad            Silverback             Webcam        Device Stand


Product Usability - Individual Interviews (Lab)                                                                                                                                                                  I brought kids and their parents into the office to use and products. When appropriate, I had the child try the product without the parents present and then explain it to the parent. This allowed us to see if the child understood the activities, as well as use them. I spoke to the children in an age-appropriate way about the activities and then also gathered reactions from the parents. Results were used to make improvements ahead of launch. 


  • We made numerous adjustments to the navigation and layout to make it easier for kids to understand.

  • We adjusted the controls and game mechanisms to make them easier for kids to maneuver. 

  • We improved the tone and method of delivering instructions to be more kid-friendly.