Advanced English for Business

Product Description

Advanced English for Business is a product designed to help learners of English with a base knowledge gain proficiency and confidence. The scenarios are structured around business situations, including some specific industry terminology and situations. The product is available in web and mobile formats.


Computer        iPhone            InVision             Webcam        Device Stand        Screenflow


Prototype  - Individual Interviews (Lab)                                                                                                                                                                              The design team assembled InVision prototypes for the web and mobile versions of the product. I conducted lab studies on both versions to evaluate the viability of the product and to adjust the design before production.

Product Usability - Individual Interviews (Lab and Remote)                                                                                                                                               I worked with the production team to evaluate the web and mobile products throughout the development process. I helped to integrate testing into the release schedule to ensure that features performed as expected and to address usability issues ahead of launch. This included lab studies and remote testing through a third party.


  • Prototype testing validated the concept and provided areas of improvement. Multiple rounds refined the design into a polished form that was ready for production.

  • Product testing helped identify minor usability adjustments that needed to be made ahead of launch.