I have extensive experience in gathering qualitative research for a variety of products on multiple platforms (web and mobile). I work closely within the UX team to help designers validate wireframes and prototypes. I also work alongside the development team to evaluate products in development.

Please check out my full resume (pdf).

My Roles:

Senior UX Researcher - Product Team                  Rosetta Stone Ltd.                     June 2013 - Present                         

UX Researcher - Product Team                                  Rosetta Stone Ltd.                        January 2011 - May 2013

UX Researcher - Labs Team                                   Rosetta Stone Ltd.                     November 2006 - December 2010


My responsibilities include:

  • Manage user experience test efforts across teams throughout the product development cycle

  • Collect feedback necessary to make critical decisions about products in all stages of development (design, prototype, implementation)

  • Collaborate with stakeholders on product teams to devise effective strategies for collecting user feedback

  • Conduct in-house and remote research using a variety of technologies

  • Disseminate research results across the product organization