I am a UX professional with 8 years experience in the field. Over this time, I have gained in-depth knowledge of how people interact with technology through discussing and observing their use of new and increasingly omnipresent devices. I have conducted in-house and remote research on a wide variety of products serving users in consumer and education/enterprise spaces.

I have extensive experience with evaluating mobile and web-based platforms. This includes helping to build and adapt products for phones and tablets, while also looking ahead to emerging technologies. I look forward to the challenges ahead as new mobile and wearable devices enter the market and revolutionize the way we live with technology.

My research methods span the life of a product, from learning about the intended user, to evaluating the product, to following up with customers. I help move projects from wireframes and prototypes to finished products, gathering feedback at every stage of the process. I enjoy working closely with designers and developers to provide timely feedback, enabling rapid changes ahead of and throughout development.

Please explore my list of projects and contact me with any questions. I will be happy to discuss my thoughts and my work in more detail.