Teacher Advisor with Watson

Teacher Advisor is a resource for K-8 math teachers, developed as a philanthropic effort alongside the IBM Foundation. Teachers can find quality curated instructional resources through a Watson-enabled interface, entirely for free.

I conducted several workshops with elementary teachers to explore the lesson planning process, with the goal of understand how thet operate on a daily basis and their pain points. I also reached out to individual teachers to gather information about specific aspects of the lesson planning process. This involved visiting schools and leading conference sessions at teacher-focused events.

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Through workshops, class visits, and interviews with users, I identified some areas of opportunity to help the team understand where we could provide value through our offering. This helped us focus our development efforts toward the aspects of the product that would provide the most direct impact to teachers.

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I worked with IBM’s Corporate Citizenship group to identify teachers who use the tool and connect with them to hear about their experiences. I also coordinated with a local elementary school to find teachers willing to provide feedback on new features and designs. This created an opportunity to collect input quickly and in person, which gave the design team flexibility to experiment with ideas.

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Teachers enjoyed being a part of the design process and were excited to be able to influence our work. They appreciated that we valued their perspectives and considered their needs. It was fun and rewarding to work closely with them throughout this process.